Release Notes

We are busy people and are updating VIP all the time. Check back for a full list of feaures and fixes.

Version 4.3 7 Apr 2014

  • Download Full 4.3 Release Notes
  • Digital Production

    The main feature of this release is the ability to produce digital issues using VIP.
    This version enables a user to rework their print production issues into digital templates, upload the static pages from those issues and have BornGroup production produce from the designated templates the finished fully enabled digital issues. These can be viewed throughout the production process for approval using the appropriate device or desktop simulator.

  • Marker Shuffle

    Marker shuffle makes it easier to move pages around. It works on a spread and allows a user to insert a spread from one location to another without the user having to add and remove pages to enable this (as previously was the case).

  • Upload to Position

    VIP now allows for PDF’s to be uploaded directly into a page marker. This is helpful for two reasons:
    • It is more convenient rather than to upload to a clipboard and move the asset over
    • If a page marker has a custom page size the pdf can be uploaded directly as a pdf rather than use SendToVIP.

  • Actions

    Actions are set up by the product support team and allow users to have meta-data changes upon a performed action. For example a user could have a client status change occur on a new version of a file being uploaded.

  • Visualiser

    The visualiser is a replacement for the digital dummy. The visualiser is an improvement because it allows the user to view by:
    Adverts or Editorial
    Marker Name
    To Use simply click the digital dummy tab as before. This will open in a separate tab.

  • Proof Positive functions bar

    This is an optional function that can be enabled per client.
    This allows the user to:
    • Approve or Reject the page from proof positive
    • Save the notes made in Dialog to a PDF

Version 4.2.9 13 May 2013

  • Folio enhancements on Flatplan

    4.2.9 allows clients who have specified a folio offset on the flatplan to see the actual folio number as well as the page position on the flatplan and to see any folio overrides specified.

  • Reporting improvements

    As well as improvements to the performance of reporting there is now an additional feature that gives a technical overview of an issue. This allows for granular checking of events that have taken place against the issue.

  • Asset Meta Data

    As well as having meta data assigned to a page marker or to an Issue it can now be assigned to an asset

Version 4.2.8 23 Feb 2013

  • Dropzone Enhancements

    1 Dropzone Enhancements

    Starting with 4.2.8 Printsure uploaders will start to be superceeded by Dropzone although they can still be used by 10.6 and below based Macs. The Dropzone application has been in use by VIP users to deliver PDFs into the system since version 4.2.1 but the enhanced version will also allow them to use this application to deliver images to production using the same tool.
    The functionality mirrors what exists in the Printsure droplet in that the various images are dropped into the application and the user is presented with a window to choose the title and issue and provide a folder and instructions. The main enhancement for 4.2.8 is that images are now batched together and the user receives one email detailing all the information about the batch rather than one email per image. The system integrates with GroupFMG’s Tasklist image delivery solution as per Printsure.

    To use:
    • Select images and drag over the application.
    • This brings up the create upload window. Enter the title and issue.
    • As with Printsure give a folder name and any instructions and click upload.

    As Printsure is Rosetta based it will not support 10.7 or above.
    Users can still use older versions of Dropzone to deliver pages via SendToVIP

    If they launch the old dropzone they will be see a notification that a new version is available and can update accordingly. Alternatively it can be downloaded from the web site:
    We are recommending users move only 10.7 based machines to use Dropzone for image delivery at present.

  • Reporting in Client Admin

    This new module in Client Admin ( allows the user to see reports of the principal functionality of VIP and to export those reports as they require.
    The functions are:
    Choosing Title / Issue
    This function utilizes predictive search to improve the finding of titles and issues. Key in the first few characters of your title / issue to find from the lists.

    The User can then choose (based upon their permissions):

    • Proofs Requested
    • Assets Approved
    • Assets Declined
    • Assets Created
    • Assets Collected
    • Issues Created
    • Users Expiring

    The reports window can be expanded for an extended view and a CSV file downloaded

  • Issue Linking

    Users can now use inserts and tipons to link from one issue in a title to another. Typically this would be used for supplements where one issue is a supplement of another.

    To use the User creates a tipon or an insert in the normal way but now there is an additional pull down menu of issues for that title. If the user selects one of those issue then it becomes linked. The Insert or Tipon will then appear yellow to denote it is a linked tipon.

    Choosing an Issue from the pull down denotes as a linked insert or tipon

    Linked inserts and tipons are yellow. Unlinked are white.
    Clicking the linked tipon brings up the link window. Click ok to go to the linked flatplan.

  • CSV Import

    To better integrate with 3rd party systems VIP now has an import function for creating flatplans from CSV.
    This is a modular plug-in based system so that whilst we provide a default CSV template we can also produce customized solutions for XSL based XML import or other CSV data models. These will be developed as required by VIP professional services at an agreed cost.
    To use the function the client must have an import plugin defined:

    The user imports the csv in the same way they would upload a pdf.
    Click the upload button in the Clipboard and select the CSV file. The system will recognize that a csv file is being uploaded and will perform the actions as necessary.

    An example of a csv file compatible with the default plugin can be found

    Brackets denotes header (first line in CSV is the header and is ignored in ingestion).
    Col1 (Position) – This is the flatplan position
    Col2 (Marker) – determines the marker name
    Col3 (MarketType) – determines the market type
    Col4 (Section Name) – Section name if required
    Col5 (Tipon) – Tipon name if required
    Col6 (Insert) – Insert name if required
    Col7 & beyond – (MetaData[fieldname])

    Meta data fields are populated by specifying the field name in square brackets. The data supplied must match eg text for a string field, date value for a date field numbers for number field. Where a field is a multiple value field (eg client status they should be supplied | delimited. For example a page position with 3 client status with the first 2 on should be 1|1|0. The header should be MetaData[clientStatusName]
    In the example provided there are 2 metadata fields being populated – myText (a text field) and myDate (a date field).

    Where clients intend to use this very powerful function we recommend contacting Product Support so we can liase about its usage. Where clients have their own formats of data they wish to use these can be accommodated. This will incur a development cost to build the necessary plugin.

Version 4.2.7 12 Dec 2013

  • Page Numbering and Folio Offset

    Naming configuration
    This is the ability to have the output pdf files named according to clients specific regular expression eg pagenumber_issuecode_titlecode.pdf or issuecode_pagenumber_titlecode.pdf. This is a configuration that is setup by the VIP support team and will apply on a per title basis.

    Folio Numbering
    If this configuration is enabled the output filename will accurately reflect the folio number rather than the flatplan position number. This is again a configuration that can be set by the VIP support team.

    Folio Override
    Page numbering can be overridden by using folio override. This needs to be added to the page marker meta-data of a title by VIP support. Once this is set up the users can enter a value in a field that is available by editing the page_marker meta data. This value will then replace the folio number in the output.

  • Send to Printer

    Send to FTP
    If so required a title can be setup to deliver files via FTP to a specific destination. When the pages for that title are collected for print they are simultaneously sent via FTP to the printer. An email is sent on completion to the appropriate people. VIP support will setup the configuration for the ftp location and the email template.

    Script configuration
    If clients require specific output solutions outside of the standard ftp/email solution this can be developed by VIP professional services.

  • Client Status

    Client Status is a separate meta data type specific to VIP. They can be configured as per client requirements by Support in meta-data templates. You can have multiple values and user specified colours. Once set up they are available in all subsequently created markers
    Important - Page Marker meta data is created when the page marker is created so if you change the meta data template the change will only be applied to Page Markers created subsequently. If you have to apply the new meta-data to an old page marker you need to move the asset to the clipboard, delete the page marker or marker and remake then move the asset back.
    In the Page Marker the user can select more that one checkbox for client statuses in edit menu.
    If the user enables Statuses in the flatplan they will then see the selected statuses as colour boxes on the side of the page marker. Up to 8 can be checked on at any one time.

  • Client Admin

    Client Admin is a new website - that allows clients to manage their own users and titles. Login to client admin is separate from VIP.
    This gives users the ability to Administer titles that the logged in user has permission to affect.
    • Select an individual issue based on user permissions
    • Add and remove pages to the the issue as per manage flatplan function
    • Extend and Trim pages to the the issue as per manage flatplan function
    View the users of titles a user has permission to view, select an individual user and given the appropriate permission edit their settings.
    • Ability to suspend or enable a user
    • Ability to set a users expiry date
    • Duplicate a user. (This allows an administrator to create a user based on the permissions of another existing user.)
    • Ability to logout a user
    (An administrator can also logout all users given the appropriate permissions from the main users window.)

  • Change all marker meta data

    This function allows the user to set all the page marker meta data for the entire marker rather than setting it all individually. To do so select Edit MetaData from the marker menu
    This will bring up the global edit menu. When you open this the items are initially greyed out. To make change a meta – data field for all the page markers in the marker you need to enable it by clicking on its title.
    When you click save changes any enabled meta-data values are applied to all the page markers.
    Please note if any of the meta-data template has changed since the marker was created it will not allow you to apply the changes

Version 4.2.4 12 Jun 2012

  • Integerated Download Bar

    To make it easier to manage downloads the pane has been moved to the sidebar. This means the user does not have to leave the main interface to access downloads and makes the overall experience more fl uid.

  • Flatplan / List View Tab Buttons

    The list view functions has been moved to the main interface and a user can toggle quickly and easily
    between list view and fl atplan view using the view tab buttons.

  • Popup Notifications

    When a user executes a request for a download it will take a few seconds to manage the process. To allow the user to keep working the system now has popup notifi cations to inform them that the fi le is ready for downloading. This can be done by clicking on the popup notifi cation or by going to the downloads pane on the side bar.

  • Advert Markers

    Ad markers now have separate colour codes and can be allocated separately. To view the legends click the Ad Marker Legend tab. When you specify an ad type it will determine the colour.

Version 4.2.3 20 Nov 2011

  • Insert & Tip-ons

    Inserts and Tip-ons are simple markers that allow magazine producers to notify where within the issue of the magazine an insert or a tip-on is to go. See video

  • Meta Data

    Metadata is data that users can specify for themselves and once setup can be used per issue. Metadata can be either set at an issue level or at a page marker level. See video

  • List View

    List view expands on the previous Collection functionality within VIP giving the user the ability to collect page markers for collection for not just print or web but for download, approval, decline and refolio. PDFs can also be collated together for a single pdf. See video. Also see important information on downloading files. Downloads in VIP4.2.3.

  • Folio Offset

    Flatplan folios can now be offset for an issue so the numbering doesn’t start at the cover.

  • File Management

    A number of significant back-end improvements have been made to the architecture and in particular in how files are moved around in the system.

  • Download spreads hot fix

    To enable users to download spreads from the preview window we have released a hot fix. See 4.2.3 Hot Fix

Version 4.2.2 4 Oct 2010

  • Multi Page Ingestion feature enabled

    Increase your productivity by being able to send one, all or a select range of pages into the VIP4 flatplan avoiding having to send pages one at a time. Supported in CS3, CS4 and Quark 7.x on Mac only.

  • Background Send feature enabled

    Single or multiple pages can now be sent into the VIP4 flatplan in the background, thus freeing up Indesign and increasing productivity.

  • Support for Quark 7

    The SendToVIP plugin is now available for Quark 7.x on the mac platform.

  • VIP Transfer manager now in Beta

    Assets can now be delivered directly into VIP4 using the new VIP Transfer manager avoiding reliance on third party solutions. Please note this a beta feature and is on a request basis only.

  • Support for Imperial measurements

    VIP4 now supports pages constructed in imperial measurements as well as metric.

Version 4.2.1 26 Jul 2010

  • Upload PDF feature enabled

    Single or Multiple PDF files can now be uploaded directly to the clipboard ready for placement into the flatplan. For more details watch the tour video in the dashboard or view the user manual here

  • Repeat Advert feature enabled

    Adverts can now be repeated from archived issues into the clipboard of any open issue for that title. For more details watch the tour video in the dashboard or view the user manual here

  • Collections feature enabled

    Approved pages can now be listed and collected into a package. Packages can be downloaded locally or shared via email notification for a chosen third party to download direct. For more details watch the tour video in the dashboard or view the user manual here

  • Application Data Centralised

    All application data has now been centralised on the VIP4 servers to ensure data integrity, enable licensing and streamline further development.

  • Daemon engine refactored

    The daemon process engine has been refactored and optimised to ensure stability and allow future development of the product.

  • Preflight Reporting Improved

    Preflight now detects and reports folio code errors.

  • Live Statistics Improved

    The live statistics panel now report part page ad sizes.

  • Import Advert CSV

    Ability to export CSV from advert booking software to then import into VIP4.

Version 4.2 24 Aug 2009

  • Duplicate Flatplan feature enabled

    Flatplans can be carbon copied in seconds using the new Duplicate Flatplan feature. For more details watch the tour video in the dashboard or view the user manual here

  • Live Statistics feature enabled

    The new statistics feature keeps a live track on advertising and editorial totals allowing the status of a flatplan to be viewed at a glance. For more details watch the tour video in the dashboard or view the user manual here

  • Proof Launcher Zoom feature enabled

    Zoom and pan around any page using the new proof launcher zoom feature making text checking faster. For more details watch the tour video in the dashboard or view the user manual here

  • Preflight Error Reporting improved

    Visual preflight error reporting now available for failed or validate status pages. For more details watch the tour video in the dashboard or view the user manual here

  • Clipboard behaviour improved

    Advert and editorial names can now be viewed in thumbnail mode within the clipboard.

  • View Filter behaviour improved

    The selected view filter options are remembered when logging in and out of the system.

  • Support for Safari 4

    Full support for the Safari 4 web browser

  • Support for Internet Explorer 8

    Internet Explorer 8 now supported. Please consult the minimum requirements for full details here

Version 4.1.1 1 Jun 2009

  • Print Flatplan totally re-engineered

    We've had plenty of fun and games with this one! Having built and re-engineered Print Flatplan three times we think we've really nailed it this time and hope our users feel the same way too. For more details click here

  • Updated Marker Name behaviour

    Marker name behaviour has been improved to avoid truncation. For more details click here

  • Marker Text feature replaces Marker Info

    The Marker Info feature has been replaced with the Edit Text feature. For more details click here

  • Leading Zero support in page numbers

    Auto Refolio has been updated to support leading zero’s in page numbers

  • Updated Status Filter Views

    Status Filters have been streamlined and improved. For more details click here

  • Optimized User Interface

    The speed of the User Interface has been optimized to improve response time

  • Improved Behaviour for pages on Dispatched status.

    Pages on dispatch status can now be viewed in Proof Positive

  • Updated Image Library Behaviour

    Images can now be viewed and annotated via Proof Positive within the image library area. The Image Library button has been renamed to Asset Library.

  • Regions Support (in beta)

    Support for Regional languages. Feature in beta

  • Plug-ins Support for Windows XP

    The SendToVIP and BrowseVIP plug-ins are now available in Windows format for Adobe Indesign CS4.

  • Image Library renamed to Asset Library

    The Image Library area has been renamed to Asset Library.

Version 4.1 2 Mar 2009

  • Shared Notes feature enabled

    Key instructions can be communicated to all viewers of the flatplan quickly and easily using Shared Notes. For further information please view the user manual here

    To see a video of shared notes in action click here

  • Offsite Backup feature enabled

    Delivered Assets are now backed up automatically providing disaster recovery. For more information click here

  • Refolio All feature enabled

    All pages set to refolio status can now be refolioed in a single click. For more information click here

  • Refolio By Section feature enabled

    All pages on refolio status within a defined print section can be refolioed in a single click. For more information click here

  • Download Assets feature enabled

    The indesign document and related images can be downloaded for a page from the proof launcher. Please note this feature applies only to pages delivered from Monday 2nd March 2009 onward. For more information click here

  • Additional Info in Markers feature enabled

    Additional information can now be placed on top of markers which are broadcast to all viewers of the flatplan. For more information click here

  • Part Page Marker behaviour improved

    Part page ads names now appear on flatplan.

  • Clipboard Interface improved

    The clipboard area has been updated and can now be hidden and shown via a tab.

  • Ad clipboard behaviour improved

    Ads can now be approved in the clipboard area.

  • Dispatch process improved

    Dispatched asset archiving process has been streamlined and improved.

  • Decline process improved

    Declined asset process streamlined and improved.

  • News feed enabled

    Breaking News now available to view here

  • Flashplayer support updated

    VIP4 now supports flashplayer

  • User Login Notification

    Notification has been improved to show when users log into the system. This appears as a message that briefly appears in the bottom right of the flatplan.

  • SendToVIP Behaviour improved

    Folio number list now appears in numerical order.

  • Print Flatplan behaviour updated

    The print flatplan feature has been updated. For details of what Print Flatplan can do in version 4.1 click here

Version 4.0.5 3 Nov 2008

  • Print Flatplan feature enabled

    The flatplan can now be printed to A3 size. There are known issues with this feature. To view them please click here

  • Save Flatplan to PDF feature enabled

    The flatplan can be saved to PDF at A3 size. There are known issues with this feature. To view them please click here

  • Improved marker behaviour

    Deleted markers are now removed from both flatplan and the SendToVIP plug-in interface.

  • Removed marker name truncation

    Longer marker names can now be entered into the flatplan without being truncated.

  • Removed section name truncation

    Longer section names can now be entered into the flatplan without being truncated.

  • Dispatch area improved

    Refreshing in the dispatch area has been improved to prevent the need to scroll when dispatching pages.

  • Flashplayer 10 support improved

    The Download PDF function now works with Flashplayer 10. Flashplayer 10 is still under testing and is not fully supported as yet.

  • Send For Approval size limit increased

    The size limit of assets delivered by Send For Approval has been increased to 1gig to cater for pages containing large images.

  • Ad ingestion behaviour improved

    Ads behaviour sent via the uploader now more stable.

  • User Interface update

    The user interface has been improved and updated for markers in the flatplan.

Version 4.0.4 10 Oct 2008

  • Permissions and Roles feature enabled

    Permission restrictions can now be applied across any user. Permission sets can be stored as roles for convenience.

  • Added online support

    A regularly updated help and FAQ’s area is now available online at

  • Improved auto refolio behaviour

    Pages without folio codes can now be moved around the flatplan without the need to refolio.

  • Growing and shrinking of flatplan behaviour optimized

    The flatplan can be increased or decreased in size from any position without the need to refresh. Updated rules are in place to prevent flatplan size changes in case pages are on sent status.

  • Improved part page markers

    Empty or occupied part page markers can be moved anywhere on flatplan or clipboard without need to refresh.

  • Spot colour feature enabled

    Spot colour support now enabled. Pages with spot colours can now be sent into the flatplan or clipboard.

  • Indesign Plug-ins updated

    The plugins for Indesign have been updated to version 4.0.2. Improvements include updated permission control and optimized delivery behaviour for both Send For Approval and Send For Production options.

  • Dispatch area improved

    The dispatch interface has been updated and improved. It now includes folio number, section name and asset id for pages on approved and sent status in the system.

  • Section interface updated

    Section duplication issues within the interface have now been resolved.

  • Marker rules updated

    Markers rules now prevent duplicate names to avoid confusion during dispatch process.

  • Dispatched page behaviour updated

    Dispatched pages are now locked on the flatplan and can only be removed with required permission.

Version 4.0.3 26 Sep 2008

  • Digital dummy optimized

    The scaling of pages within the digital dummy has been improved.

  • PDF download behaviour updated

    Downloading of PDF files within the proof launcher now available across all production states.

  • Advert delivery process optimized

    DPS and Single page adverts behaviour improved on delivery for initial creation and movement from clipboard to flatplan.

  • Support request form activated

    Support requests to Product Support team now submissable via form in dashboard area.

  • Feature request form activated

    Feature requests direct to Product Development team now submissable within support area on website.

  • Log in behaviour improved

    Manual browser refresh on first log in no longer required.

  • Application scaling optimized

    Window scaling issues now resolved.

  • Marker behaviour improved

    Editorial marker behaviour optimized for movement between flatplan and clipboard.

  • BrowseVIP updated

    The browse VIP plugin now supports spaces in filenames.

Version 4.0.2 8 Sep 2008

  • Dashboard user interface behaviour improved

    The dashboard now displays title and issue selection in a clearer and easier to read format.

  • Clipboard to flatplan behaviour improved

    Page movement behaviour from flatplan to clipboard and vice versa has been further improved.

  • Edit pages interface improved

    The edit pages area has been improved visually to allow display of longer page numbers.

  • Tool tips implemented on Flatplan

    Tool tips are now appearing on the flatplan to allow display of markers with long names.

  • Ad marker behaviour updated

    Ad markers now default to 'Display' type on creation.

  • Dispatch center user interface updated

    The dispatch center interface now includes additonal columns of data related to file names and delivery status.

  • Manual refresh feature implemented

    A manual means of refreshing the flatplan has been made available. This allows the flatplan view to be refreshed without having to reload the entire page. This will only be required in the rare event of a display problem.

  • Marker editing enhanced

    When inserting or editing existing markers the cursor now defaults to the marker name field.

  • Build number shown on loading screen

    The software build number is now automatically shown on the splash loading screen.

Version 4.0.1 5 Sep 2008

  • Increased speed of interface

    The underlying code has been refactored and optimized to increase the overall speed of the interface.

  • Enhanced flatplan behaviour

    The rules determining flatplan behaviour have been enhanced and fine tuned.

  • Enhanced flatplan to clipboard movement

    Page movement behaviour from flatplan to clipboard and vice versa has been optimized.

  • Page ingestion refined

    Behaviour of page ingestion to markers and clipboard enhanced.

Version 4.0 1 Sep 2008

  • Entire rebuild of software & hardware

    VIP4.0 is intended to replace all previous versions. It has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up using the latest technology to deliver a collaborative and realtime flatplan solution from ingestion to delivery.

  • Added dashboard functionality

    The dashboard is the home location when logged in. It contains FAQ’s, news and help and allows you to jump straight to your title.

  • Added marker functionality

    Markers indicate on the flatplan where editorial and advert positions are intended to go. Markers can be edited, extended, reduced and deleted.

  • Added part page marker functionality

    Part page markers can now be indicated on the flatplan for advert and editorial content.

  • Added drag and drop functionality

    Markers and pages can be moved around the flatplan or to the clipboard using simple drag and drop.

  • Added clipboard functionality

    The new clipboard can hold markers or pages either individually or as multiple stacks.

  • Added refolio functionality

    Pages can now be refolioed at the click of a button.

  • Enhanced view filtering

    The flatplan now has more viewing filter options to customize the view to suit.

  • Added sections functionality

    Section breaks can be entered into the flatplan.

  • Added page insertion functionality

    Pages can be inserted into any point on the flatplan.

  • Added print functionality

    The flatplan can be printed locally or saved to PDF.

  • Improved process queue integration

    The queue for all pages processing on the system can now be seen in within the flatplan.

  • Send indesign page to marker

    Indesign pages can be sent to named marker positions rather than to static folios.

  • Send indesign page to clipboard

    Indesign documents can be sent to the clipboard incase a position on the flatplan has not been chosen.

  • Send indesign page for production

    Entire indesign documents can be sent to the VIP team to colour manage and plan. These can then be sent to the flatplan.